Dutchess County Genealogical Society

Locality: Town of Pine Plains

Registrar: Town Clerk
Town Hall
3284 Rt. 199
Pine Plains, NY
Hours: M - F 10:30 - 1:30 except July & Aug.
July & August: M - F 9:00 - 12:00
Mailing Address:
Town Clerk/Registrar
PO Box 955
Pine Plains, NY 12567
Phone: Town Clerk Office 518-398-7155
Fax: 518-789-3399

You can visit the office of the clerk to order a record. Depending on how busy the office is, you may be able to get the record the same day.
Records available:                                        
Births: from 1882
Deaths: from 1882
Marriages: from 1882
Indexed: By year

Cost of records
Certified: $10
Uncertified: $22
("for genealogical purposes" as per NYS Dept of Health)

No additional fee to search for a name.
They will respond to a request for a record
without an exact date.

You may request vital records in person, by mail, and by phone.

Please include SASE.
It is preferable to mail in your request & contact information.
The town prefers an official form; it is acceptable to use the New York State Genealogy Application form
to request a record.

The record sent to you is abstracted information filled in on a standard form, an exact transcript of the original.

The time it takes to answer a written request for a record will depend on how busy the office.

(Updated November 2005)