Dutchess County Genealogical Society

Locality: Village of Fishkill

Registrar: Village Clerk
1095 Main St.
Fishkill, NY
Hours: M-F 9am - 4pm
Mailing Address:
Village Clerk
1095 Main St.
Fishkill, NY 12524
Phone: Clerk 845-897-4431
Fax: 845-897-5301
E-Mail: angiea@vofishkill.com

You can go to the office of the village clerk and get a vital record the same day, if it is on file.

Records available:                                        
Births: from 1904
Deaths: from 1904
Marriages: Not Available
Indexed:Yes, by name

Cost of records
Certified: $10
Uncertified: $0.25 per photocopied page

No additional fee to search for a name.
They will respond to a request for a record
without an exact date.

You may request vital records in person, by mail, by phone, by e-mail, and by fax.

Please include SASE.
It is preferred that you make your request and pay later.
it is acceptable to use the New York State Genealogy Application form to request a record, but not necessary. The village does not have an official form of its own.

The record sent to you may be a photocopy of the entry or abstracted information filled in on a standard form.

It usually takes 1-2 days to answer a written request for a record.

(Updated November 2005)