Dutchess County Genealogical Society

Locality: Town of Clinton

Registrar: Town of Clinton Registrar
Clinton Town Hall
1215 Centre Rd.
Rhinebeck, NY
Hours: Mon., Tue., Wed., Thurs. 1 pm - 4 pm.
Closed Friday afternoons
Mailing Address:
Barbara Joyce, Town of Clinton Registrar
P.O Box 208
Clinton Corners, NY 12514
Phone: Information 845-266-5853 Ext.102
E-mail Address: townclerk@townofclinton.com
Website: http://www.townofclinton.com
Records available:
Births: from 1882
Deaths: from 1882
Marriages: from 1882
Indexed: Yes
Cost of records
Certified: $10
Uncertified: $10 (for genealogical purposes)

They will respond to a request for a record
without an exact date, subject to the fee
schedule that the New York State Department of Health uses.

You may request vital records by mail only.

Please include SASE.
Please send money with your request.
It is preferred that you use the New York State Genealogy Application form to request a record. The town does not have an official form of its own.

The record sent to you is abstracted information filled in on a standard form.
It usually takes 1 week to answer a written request for a record.

(Updated November 2005)